Criminal Law

We represent clients during criminal proceedings administered particularly due to (alleged) business criminal activity or in relation to it. With regard to this, we closely cooperate with sworn experts. We provide defence during the entire duration of the criminal proceedings focusing particularly on economic offences, tax and financial crimes, defence during criminal prosecution of negligent crimes, legal representation of the injured in matters relating to breach of trademark and other intangible rights. The services provided in the area of Criminal Law include the following:

  • defence of clients during the pre-trial proceedings and criminal proceedings before courts of all instances
  • adjudication of claims arisen within commercial law relations and business organizations in connection with the criminal proceedings
  • settlement between the accused and the injured regarding damages arisen from criminal activity, alternative solutions of criminal law relations
  • conditional discontinuance of criminal prosecution and regulation of possessory interests of participants
  • defence of the accused and the defendant before courts and police authorities on the basis of power of attorney as well as ex offo
  • representation of the injured during adhesion proceedings regarding compensation for damage
  • precautionary consultancy for entrepreneurs