Real Estate

Law office Láník a partneři is one of Czech law offices that focus on real estate, including the so-called “development projects”. The services provided include revision or drafting of deeds of assignment (contract of sale, contract of donation etc.), creation of real estate easements and representation during the procedure of proprietary rights and other real rights entry in the Land Register.

Our law office also provides, on the request of the client, legal audit of real estates, the purpose of which is a thorough revision of legal actions taken in the past that led to conveyance of proprietary rights to respective real estates, including discovery of possible colliding restitution claims.

We offer drafting of contract of purchase, sale or construction of an apartment, house, administrative building, industrial or commercial complex and other real estates as well as legal consultancy for real estate purchase or development financing. Upon agreement, we also offer services of attorney purchase price safekeeping.