Law office Láník a partneři provides its clients with complex legal services in the extent of the entire legal order of Czech Republic, including criminal law, in the form of legal consultancy and advisory, contract drafting, filing of a variety of motions, legal analyses, reports and other instruments/documents of legal nature, acting on behalf of the client during negotiation with the adversary or business partners as well as during hearings before court and administrative bodies.

The principal aim of the law office is to provide its clients with legal services of such standard that fulfil the clients’ most demanding expectations and facilitate or allow them to achieve a long-lasting positive outcome in the field of their interest. During the provision of legal services, we maintain individual approach to each client and to resolution of their legal issue. At the same time, we always lay stress on a client’s good knowledgeability about the course of their matter and feedback between the client and an attorney.

We focus mainly on such areas of law, in which the law office is able to offer its clients legal services provided by a specialized team of experts in the given area.