Financial Law

Law office Láník a partneři has at its disposal a team of experienced lawyers specializing in the area of Financial Law and Law of Financial Institutions. With regard to this, we provide our clients, both private and institutional investors, with complex legal services and assistance in order to secure financing of their projects and transactions, including structured financing in a form of bank and non-bank loans, syndicate loans or other financial products as well as consultancy in the area of claim securing. Furthermore, lawyers of our or cooperating law office have also acquired considerable experience in the area of both home and foreign financial institutions, investment companies and funds and stockbrokers. The services provided in the area of Financial Law include the following:

  • loans including syndicate loans
  • project financing
  • security instruments and guaranties
  • consultancy in regulatory matters relating to activities of financial institutions including licencing proceedings
  • issue of registered and unregistered bonds (private placements)
  • trading of financial market derivatives and securities on public/non-public markets
  • insurance business, securing activities
  • investment companies and funds
  • security transferring, pledging and lending
  • investment incentives
  • claim securing
  • consultancy regarding syndicate loans, acquisition loans and real estate loans, cash-pooling and other bank services, public tenders, investment instruments, financial and operational leasing, and many types of insurance products and combined financial products
  • consultancy in the area of regulation of providers of individual types of financial services
  • drafting of documents regarding individual financial products and its securing, including respective general terms and conditions